How to List Your Rental Property on AirBNB

Airbnb is a trend in the market and allows savvy homeowners to rent out any extra space in their apartment or house. These services are relatively cheaper compared to hotel lodgings. It is classified as a trustworthy community marketplace that allows individuals to list and search for personalized accommodations worldwide.

Typically, it is an intelligent property management approach that allows you to lease or rent out your space to people seeking short-term accommodation. But how do you list your property on Airbnb?

The following are some simple steps you can follow to ensure that your property is correctly listed on the platform:

Create an Airbnb Account

The first method to rent out or lease your property on Airbnb is to create an account. The process of signing up is relatively straightforward and safe. When you create your account, ensure you are as detailed as possible by completing your profile and including valid details about your property.

Since it is an online platform, the guests will gauge whether you are a trustworthy host by simply looking at your profile. Also, ensure that your account is verified so that you can instill trust in the guests who might rent out or lease your property. Consider including an image of yourself, mobile number, address, and link to your social media accounts.

Set up the Listing

Airbnb has some setup procedures and rules on how to set up your listings. Some of the common recommendations you can expect include how much you should charge for your property. On the site, you will find various suggested rates based on the year’s season, the number of rooms, amenities, and location.

List the Available Amenities

Another crucial aspect when listing your property on Airbnb is to list the available amenities in your property. Remember that your description will make your property competitive or not. You can list amenities such as bedrooms, balcony, swimming pool, garden, gym, among others.

Ensure you give precise descriptions of all the amenities available. You can also emphasize on the surrounding attraction or recreational centers.

Post the Pictures of your Property

Your guests will be more intrigued if they can visualize your space. Posting pictures is an excellent method of showcasing your property. When posting the pictures, ensure your space is clean and well-arranged. Also, ensure there is enough lighting and adequately capture the entire space.

When posting the pictures, it is an opportunity to market your property and illustrate some unique features in your space. You can also explain what makes your area outstanding and competitive compared to other spaces.

Booking Settings

The booking settings are quite an important section in the property management of your Airbnb listings. There are some set guest requirements on the site, but you can include additional requirements such as the guests must provide their ID.

Also, in the booking settings, you can set various house rules and provide some crucial details about your property.

The Calendar

You should select how frequently you want to lease out your space. It is also essential to inform your guests when they should arrive at your property or when they should book your property.


As stated earlier, Airbnb helps set the right price of your space depending on the season, number of rooms, or location of the property. The smart pricing tool helps to adjust the cost of your property depending on various factors. It is paramount to scrutinize how other hosts are pricing their property to ensure relevance and competitiveness.

Publish the Airbnb Listing

The last step is to publish your listing. Before publishing, ensure that you have given accurate descriptions of your property. Once you confirm that you have given out all the necessary details about your property, you can comfortably publish it and wait for guests to contact you.

Key Takeaway

Listing your property on Airbnb is relatively easy due to the customizable features available on the platform. Ensure you register an account on the site, list your property and start earning money. Remember, there is no limitation on the time you can host, and you have the option to block off any days when you don’t intend to host your property. Also, you can set rules regarding property management by the guests and the maximum number of nights a guest can stay.